49 Congreso Internacional de Americanistas

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Mon, 6 May 1996 12:57:27 -0600

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I've just received, somewhat belatedly, the first circular for the 49th
International Congress of Americanists, to be held in Quito, Ecuador 7-11
July 1997. The Congress is being organized by the Pontificia Universdiad
Catolica del Ecuador PUCE. Following are broadly translated excerpts
from the first announcement circulated by PUCE.

Conscious of the future threats, on the economic, as well as political
and cultural level of the Nations and Peoples of the Americas, they have
chosen for the general theme of the Congress: "*Considering the Past and
Present of the Americas, so as to Plan the Future*". Within this general
frame there will be room for different symposia and other academic events
whose themes will continue in the tradition of more than a century of
prior Congresses of Americanists.

As with all international scientific events, the Congresses of
Americanists include three types of activities. Among these are the
*Symposia* which bring together specialists from different disciplines
and countries, in order to discuss a specific theme. The *General
Sessions* are organized in order to place before a broad audience
scientific presentations on relevant americanist themes with
international ramifications. Finally the *Research Reports* are
contributions that report on concrete advances at the frontiers of
science, the possibilities of their application to benefit broad social
sectors, and whose goal is to exchange opinions and analyze the results
of other specialists.

It is anticipated that the 49th ICA will include some 50 symposia with
approximately 600 papers. The themes suggested by investigators from
around the world can be grouped among the following disciplines:
Physical and Sociocultural Anthropology, Archeology, History, Ecology and
Human Geography, Economics, Sociology, Politics and International
Relations, Education and Pedagogy, Art and Esthetics, Philosophy,
Linguistics and Literature.

If you are interested in proposing a *Symposium*, presenting a paper in
the *Research Forum*, or participating as an observer, please write as
soon as possible, no later than 31 May 1996. If you wish to propose a
Symposium, in addition to indicating the theme, you should present a list
of possible participants. The proposals will be submitted to an
International Scientific Committee for their consideration. For practical
reasons the symposia may be organized by two coordinators. In general a
symposium will have from ten to twenty papers presented by investigators
from various countries and diverse institutions. The atmosphere of
these Congresses is interdisciplinary, consequently the foci may range
from a strictly theoretical discussion to the applied sciences.

Within the spirit of the Congresses of Americanists we have declared the
necessity of the presence within them of the Indian Peoples and other ethnic
minorities. The Stockholm Congress, by unanimous decision, recommended
the parallel organization, in the convening city, of an encounter with
these forgotten actors of America, to facilitate fruitful interchange
between americanist scientists and the social groups investigated by
them. This dialog should be at a humanistic level, rather than
political, since an important event within the purview of the ICA in Quito
will be the *Encounter of Indigenous and Afroamerican Intellectuals*.

The proceedings of the Congress will by published by *Editorial Abya-Yala.*
The Centro Cultural Abya-Yala is also planning an *Exposition of Latin
American Books* and an *Exposition of Ecuadorian Artisanry.*

An estimated 3000 people will be in attendance, including a large number
of students from the Andean countries. The Congress will try to organize
other academic and social activities involving museums, universities,
cultural centers, art galleries, etc.

As with previous Congresses, our goal is to offer an economical plan for
travel and accomodations, so as to facilitate a larger attendance. We
also hope to offer a special program of discounts or scholarships for
those with limited finances. At the moment PUCE is discussing these
matters with travel agencies, who will be charged to provide relevant
information by June 1996. It is important to note that the travel
agencies will also be able to offer information about supplementary
visits to the Galapagos Islands, the Ecuadorian Amazon, and other places
of tourist interest.

The Conference Fees are as follows (in U.S. dollars):

Before 31 May 1996 Before 31 December 1996 Until June 1997
Participant 150 180 200
persons 50 60 70

Payment may be made by means of American Express, VISA, Mastercard
International, or Diners International; Bank Draft in US$ to Banco del
Pichincha, Universidad Catolica del Ecuador, Quito, Cuenta No.
971023395; or in cash to la Tesoreria de la PUCE.

I have the complete announcement (in Spanish) for those who are
interested, as well as copies of the Registration Form.

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