ANTHRO Update: New Directions for Cultural Change

White Horse (claudir@HUBCAP.CLEMSON.EDU)
Mon, 6 May 1996 00:37:45 -0400


Here is an update for the New Directions in Ecological Leadership
program near San Francisco. The deadline is May 15th now.

If you are interested, contact me for more information by noon Tues.
May 7th EDT. You can send for more information later too, but I'll be
out of town for a few days and will not be able to process queries
after Tuesday until close to the deadline!

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+ "Integrating Mind and Nature"

Training update
June 13-16 near San Francisco

An exciting three-day training program in ecological leadership is offered
for professionals and students. Curriculum will include:

* State of the environmental movement: new directions
* New paradigms in science, implications for ecological leadership
* Experiential breathwork, solo time in nature, meditation
* Ecopsychology, ecofeminism, deep ecology
* Transformation of Western culture: intimations of a new world view
* Councils, deep listening, interactive processes
* Preservation of indigenous cultures and ancient wisdom
* Beyond consumerism: voluntary simplicity and sustainable communities

Facilitators and guest faculty include:

Will Keepin, Jed Swift, Directors of Boulder Institute
Richard Tarnas, author of _Passion of the Western Mind_
Tara Strand-Brown, Executive Director of the Institute for Deep Ecology
Selene Vega, co-author of _Sevenfold Journey_
Melissa Nelson, Executive Director of Cultural Conservancy
Andre Carothers, Chair of Board, Greenpeace USA

Students in any academic field and other professionals who seek to focus
their professional work on building a sustainable future are invited to
apply. This program is endorsed by the Center for Psychology and Social
Change, an affiliate of the Psychiatry Department at the Cambridge Hospital,
Harvard Medical School.

Numerous scholarships are available. A few work-study scholarships are also
available. For more information or scholarship application, contact Claudia
at immediately.
Application deadline is May 15, 1996.