Re: Is Sahlins Still Relevant?

Marc W.D. Tyrrell (mwtyrrel@CCS.CARLETON.CA)
Sat, 20 May 1995 23:22:24 GMT

In article <> Larry Cebula College of Bill and Mary <LCEBULA@EWU.EDU> writes:
>From: Larry Cebula College of Bill and Mary <LCEBULA@EWU.EDU>
>Subject: Is Sahlins Still Relevant?
>Date: Fri, 26 May 1995 23:07:44 GMT

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> What I would like to know is, how is Sahlins regarded by
>anthropologists today? Are there any major rebuttals or revisions
>of his work that I should look at before I start applying his
>theories willy-nilly? Is there a
>Sahlin's "school"?

I just returned from CASCA where Sahlins was the plenary speaker. Certainly
the reaction to his presentation would indicate that his material is still
relevant, although it has changed focus over the years. Personally, I found
his critique of the moral biases of world system theory and development theory
in general to be quite apropos.

Marc Tyrrell