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Rob Quinlan (C611417@MIZZOU1.MISSOURI.EDU)
Sun, 28 May 1995 13:00:40 CDT

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Subject: House Phone (fwd)

> Irons here.
> I thought HBES-L folks might find this information useful. It came to me
> via the IRASnet, courtesy of Ursula Goodenough. The phone number below
> allows you to register your objection to the NSF budget cuts and let the
> religious right pay for your phone call
> >
> > You can call Capitol Hill to tell your Congressperson or Senator what you
> > think AND charge the religious right for your call.
> >
> > Far-right Traditional Values Coalition leader Rev. Lou Sheldon paid for a
> > toll-free number so anti-gay supporters could call congressional
> > members and express their political views.
> >
> > Well, anyone can use the same number and give opposite views directly to
> > DC. The 1-800-768-2221 phone number connects you directly to Capitol Hill.
> >
> > Spread this post and the phone number as far as possible. Make some
> > calls and push up the phone bill for the religious right. I have tried
> > the number and it does get you through to the "Capitol" receptionist.
> > Just ask for the Congress person by name and you will be connected to
> > that office.