ncsu project

Fri, 26 May 1995 16:03:50 EST5EDT

I am working on a project for a course at North Carolina State and
would love some help. Please have a little pity for me that I am in
summer school in this southern heat and answer some questions:

What is the difference between applied anthropology and basic

How and why did you become an anthropologist?

Where have you done fieldwork and what did you do there?

What are the principle issues that confront the discipline today?

What are the principle ethic issues in fieldwork today?

What are the most important things the Internet helps you to do?

To give you a background in myself: I am a graduate student in
secondary social sciences, working to be a high school history and
political science teacher. I work full time in the grad. forestry
dept. at NCSU.

Thanks for any help!