History of Anthro

Mon, 22 May 1995 09:27:17 CDT

There is no satisfactory reader in the history of general anthropology.
I have begun collecting materials for such a book. The goal is
four-field coverage, extended to five if satisfactory contributions to
applied anthropology can be found. I am open to suggestions from
anthro-l readers. Ideally, proposed readings should be (1) of broad
relevance; (2) widely cited; (3) well written; (4) concise--not more
than c. 20 pages; and (5) self-contained (able to stand alone), or
capable of being edited to become self-contained. Articles or book
chapters are chiefly what I have in mind. It is desirable that the
authors be anthropologists, and that the readings include substantial
concrete examples rather than abstractions only. For example, I plan to
cover Malinowski and Radcliffe-Browne with specimens of their
contrastive analysis of the functions of ritual, rather than with their
abstract, programmatic pronouncements about whether culture functions to
meet mainly individual or mainly group needs. I don't have a contract
for this book, and won't be able to focus on it until next year; but I
would appreciate suggestions--preferably hardcopies, but complete
references (with synopses) would do--at any time, and I will cite all
people whose suggestions are followed in the book.
--Bob Graber, Professor of Anthropology & Sociology, Northeast Missouri
State University, Kirksville, MO 63501.