NSF Anthropology Funding

Stuart Plattner (splattne@NSF.GOV)
Fri, 19 May 1995 10:22:04 EST

Dear Colleagues:
While the House Science committee's call for the elimination of
social science from NSF calls for an appropriate response from the
academic and non-academic community who benefit from research, I want
to alert you to a danger of another sort: the possibility that active
researchers with fundable projects will not write their proposals
because they mistakenly think that NSF has no funds for them.
In 1981 when David Stockman of the Reagan administration tried to
end funding for the social sciences, the actual budget dropped by
about 25%, but the number of proposals submitted that year dropped in
some cases by more than 50%. The research community should not make
this mistake again. While no one can predict the future with
certainty, the programs here are planning to review proposals and fund
research next year. If you have a good project we are interested in
funding it.

Stuart Plattner
Program Director for Cultural Anthropology