Darwin fish

Sativa Quinn (sativa@ESKIMO.COM)
Tue, 16 May 1995 11:36:02 -0700

On a slight tangent here - does anyone know what it takes to REMOVE one
of those 3-D metal darwin fish?

I am a Jewish anthro. who has managed to overcome most feelings of
negativity towards our "big-for-his-britches" nephew, also, since I work
w/ Native Americans I have had to do alot of thinking about keeping my
beliefs in not offending others' spirituality fairly consistent. Matters
like affirmative action should be discussed in a way that takes
political/cultural capital into consideration. Matters of politeness &
respect to others' religious beliefs should not, hence my desire to rid
myself of this darn fish, which is REALLY stuck on there & I don't know
how it was attached in the first place.

For what it's worth, I bought the car from a Jewish friend who does
harbor alot of animosity towards Christians in general & creationists in
particular. I think this is a huge waste of energy. Human cruelty &
bigotry does not spring from any religious idea & always finds other
excuses if that one is lacking. In my teens I was really annoyed by the
ubiquitousness/inescapability of Christ's name & image, & in some sense
felt that I hated Christ himself, but from everything I can tell it seems
like he was probably a pretty nice guy.

I will leave it to others to address the question of whether Christian
beliefs can or should place themselves in opposition to the teaching of
"science", I think there are probably going to be interesting parallels
to a discussion about the bering straits theory that was going on over in