Louise de la Gorgendiere (L.DELAG@ED.AC.UK)
Tue, 16 May 1995 18:46:07 +0000

Hi Alicia

I have been asked to contact you regarding the paper - if it is not
possible to have it here by Thursday (18th May), I am told you should plan
to bring 60 - 80 copies. The reason is that the university is closed next
Monday & Tuesday owing to Bank holidays here, and Repro-graphics department
will not be able to copy the papers in time for us to stuff the folders on
Friday pm (which is in itself going to be a complicated affair, as some
people will get two set of papers for both the Africa & Ghana parts, and
some only one or the other!)

Please - what is the status? Is it possible to send the paper by e-mail? I
wonder if the whole formatting would get messed up? How about a disk? I use
Word 5.1 on a Mac, but files are convertible - although I won't pretend to
be an expert on doing it!

Perhaps I'll ring you at home tonight if I don't get in too late. (These
days it is 11:00pm or past midnight before I leave here!)


Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesdays