Re: Darwin in a Fish Decal

Thomas Love (tlove@CALVIN.LINFIELD.EDU)
Mon, 15 May 1995 16:28:22 -0700

I'd be interested in people's reactions/reflections on the appropriation
of this meaningful Christian symbol. No flames, please. As a Christian
anthropologist, I'm partly amused by this, partly offended by the
misappropriation of a meaningful symbol, and fascinated by the
social/cultural/political dynamics involved. Cheers.

Tom Love 45N, 123W
Dept. Soc/Anth
Linfield College
McMinnville, OR 97128

On Mon, 15 May 1995, ERIC SILVERMAN wrote:

> Does anybody know where you can purchase the bumber stickers (and metal
> car plates) that depict a fish, with feet, and say Darwin in it?
> When you live where I do, it is the perfect automotive ornament!
> Eric Silverman
> Soc/Anthro
> DePauw Univ.
> Greencastle, IN