Environmental/First Nations Final Program

Helga Hoffmann (greenweb@FOX.NSTN.CA)
Mon, 15 May 1995 12:15:33 -0300

The following session will be held at the 1995 Learned Societies Conference
at UQAM (Universite du Quebec a Montreal):

The environment and the relations with First Nations /
L'environnement et les relations avec les peuples autochtones

(A joint session of the Socialist Studies Society and the Environmental
Studies Association of Canada)

Monday 5 June / lundi 5 juin, 09:00-12:15, room A-1930

Peter Penz (Environmental Studies, York)
E-mail address: ES_PPENZ@Orion.YorkU.CA

This session features a presentation by David Orton of his Discussion
Paper "Rethinking Environmental-First Nations Relationships." This is an
all-morning session. The first part will be a panel discussion/round table.
The second part will be a wide open public discussion.

The panel discussants, so far, are:
- Chief Ron Ignace
- Hari Sharma (Sociology & Anthropology, SFU)
- Peter Penz (Environmental Studies, York)

The Discussion Paper consists of the following Green Web Bulletins:

# 43 - Rethinking Environmental-First Nations Relationships
(Published in Canadian Dimension and in the Earth First! Journal)

# 44 - The Wild Path Forward: Left Biocentrism, First Nations,
Park Issues and Forestry, A Canadian View (In press with Wild Earth
magazine, to be published in the fall of 1995.)

# 45 - Fisheries And Aboriginals: The Enclosing Paradigm.

# 46 - Limitations of a Left Critique and Deep Dilemmas in
Environmental-First Nations Relationships. (In preparation, available soon.)

The complete set of papers may be bought at the Learned Societies Conference
(UQAM, room Aquin 2615), or from the National Office of the Socialist
Studies Society (Jesse Vorst, University College, University of Manitoba,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2M8). Price $4.00.

To receive these papers free via e-mail, please send your request to: