Re: Advocacy

Sat, 13 May 1995 20:57:00 PDT

Spear's comments are good and to the point. I do have one minor quibble,
which does not relate to the core of his comments but to a "throw away" type
of comment:

" As hunter/gatherers they excersized population controls to assure a
supportable population size..."

This sounds as if it is saying that hunting/gathering groups cognized
"populaiton control" and "supportable population size" in some manner and
consciously had stabilization of population size as a goal. I suggest that
this is neither very likely nor a necessary assumption; e.g., previously I
have discusssed a model for the !KUng in which population stability arises
out of self-serving decision by women with no concern for the broader
consequences of their actions.

D. Read