Re: Anthro Honor Society/Club?

Fri, 5 May 1995 19:23:01 EDT

On Thu, 4 May 1995 11:54:30 -0500 H. Lefferts said:

>Can anyone supply me with information about a national (?) or local
>anthropology honor societies(y) for undergraduates? Would appreciate
>infomration soonest.

Let's see: "Lambda Alpha, the National Collegiate Honor Society for
Anthropology" is what it says on the back of my membership card.

Founded in 1968 (I think) at Wichita State, has an extraordinarily
low profile (almost compeletely unknown outside the Midwest,
from what I gather), and really cheap membership dues ($15 for a
lifetime membership), accepts undergrads and grad students.

Last I heard (and it's been a couple years, because Kent doesn't have
a chapter), the "National Executive Secretary" was B.K. Swartz Jr. at
Ball State University. Be warned Swartz takes forever to answer his

To be honest, I don't think Lambda Alpha ever really did much; it was
there, I joined it; somehow ended up VP of the local chapter at the
University of Toledo (Ohio, not Spain) chapter, and it still didn't
do much. I'm reasonably sure it only exists so we anthros can keep
up with the sociology students.

(Oh wait--my copy of the constitution says Lambda Alpha has a journal.
I've never seen it, though. Come to think of it, they never sent me
that tie pin, either.)

I believe anthropology undergrads are also eligible for membership
in Pi Gamma Mu (social sciences honorary) and Sigma Xi (sciences
honorary) if your university's got them.

Michael Bauser <mbauser@kentvm.bitnet or>
Dept. of Anthropology, Kent State University, Kent OH 44242, USA