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Peter Claus (pclaus@S1.CSUHAYWARD.EDU)
Fri, 5 May 1995 06:00:47 -0700

Anthropology List

Dear Members

I am thinking of teaching a course around the idea of "Anthropology on the Internet." What I
had in mind (at this early stage) is a sort of 'field course' on 'virtual communities'.

The Internet computer network contains many "virtual communities" representative of various
international multicultural interest groups. The course would apply anthropological fieldwork
techniques to study issues of transnational cultural identity, communication, expression,
representation and the concerns of geographically dispersed communities.

I had in mind discourse analysis as a preliminary analytic/interpretive approach. The idea is
to listen to the issues, concerns and interests of a community and to generate the parameters
of further study from the group's own communication network. At a later stage students can
interact (with permission, of course, with the members of the list.

Has anyone else done anything like this? I would welcome any suggestions, comments, ideas,

Although our quarter system does not leave a lot of time for exploration during the course, I
would be interested in providing students with Internet sources for anthropological materials
[eg. Native News], ideas, further areas of study, etc. Again, I would welcome anyone's ideas
and suggestions along these lines, too.

Peter J. Claus
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