Early bone tools

John Staeck (staeckjp@MARTIN.LUTHER.EDU)
Mon, 1 May 1995 09:59:25 -0500

Rohrich forwarded infor on an apparent find of bone harpoons in africa
dating to ca. 90,000 b.p., citing this as *an answer to the bell curve*

Socially your point is well-taken, the bell-curve is drivle (sp?)

Before I accept the dates on these tools, though, I'd like more information.
There has been a rush to by into the "out of Africa" approach to modern
humans and some of the data, especially the modern affinity and provenience
of some of the hominids, is questionable. There are also questions about
the dates involved in the mt eve issue, as I recall there was a large part
of an A.A. on this a year or two ago.

Curmudgeonly yours - staeck

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