The Winti Religion in Surinam + The Yezidee's in Kurdistan.

Peter William Giles (GIL3222L@BKSTUD3.EAST-LONDON.AC.UK)
Fri, 27 May 1994 13:16:01 GMT

To all Subscribers, Greetings....
I require any information on the Winti Religion in Surinam. From
the limited amount of information available to me it seems that this
might be a comparative religious structure to Voudou and other
Carribean beliefs, but much more information is required.
Any such information that specifically focuses on
serpent worship within this belief motif is of extreme importance to
my overall research and would sincerely be appreciated.
In contrast I seek anyone who is currently researching the
Yezidee tribe in what was Kurdistan, Iraq. (Commonly known as Devil
Worshippers). Again any information on the serpent symbolism of
Hayyat, the Black Snake or Shaitan/ Melek Taus the Peacock angel is
highly sought after by myself.
With both these requests any relevant books, articles or other
such information that might be difficult to obtain in England, that
could lead to gaining a better insight into both these social
constructs, would gratefully be received.
All the Best,