Uncl: Re: caning

Tue, 24 May 1994 08:48:21 UTC

I don't know. I feel that clean or dirty streets is not really the issue
here. I think we can have set punishments for certain activities (those
society chooses to designate as criminal) and carry out those punishments
equally and judiciously. A law of terror? Not if we are consistent with
our punishments. One simply does not commit the crime if he/she does not
want the punishment. It's how life is.

About M. Fay, I was dismayed by the fact that he thought he could get
out of his sentence by paying for the damage he caused. Why have we
allowed ourselves and our children to act before thinking with the
attitude that we can fix it later? This is what the whole situation
revolves around in my opinion.

BTW, I suspect this topic has been hashed out already on this list and
I apologize if I am repeating old words. I just recently signed on.

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