Re: history of fashion

Cal Eastman (shiva@FREENET.SCRI.FSU.EDU)
Mon, 23 May 1994 09:36:57 18000

I think what is going on with the new bra is as follows-
Due to a cultural push over teh last 20 + years to create some
gender-based equality in our soiciety- that is to bring women fairly
into the workplace, there was a "de-feminisation" of fashion, which
reached its epitomy with the annie hall, and tailored suits looks.
This was neccessary so women would be looked at less frivolesly in the
workplace. That along with a general "desensualization" that came
along with AIDS, made womes clothing overall less sexually oriented,
demphisizing sexuality in order to provide greater hegemony in the
(this trend can also be seen in the baggy clothes of teens today,
which deemphisizes sexuality in a post aids world.)
Now that there have been some major inroads by women in the workplace
(no its far from complete) and we have a better idea of how to remain
a sexual being in the age of AIDS, clothers are moving back to one of
their main uses, emphasis of beauty and sexual characteristics.
Rather than this being a response to femanism, this is an indication
of the success so far of the womens movement.

Boom shiva
mahalinga nataraj
(puffiness 4evah)