Sun, 22 May 1994 22:42:54 EST

A summer aside . . . while watching `Kung-Fu' this evening, it sprang to
mind that "all is illusion, on the surface" - prompted of course by an
enlightened script writer someplace in Los Angeles no doubt. Although
trite, it brought to mind a basic post-modern assumption . . . its core
assumption if you will . . . that "there is no absolute truth, only
truth relative to the creator of the text".

It then brought to mind somewhat modernist logic in the form of the
always useful `if - then' statement.

IF there is (and can be) no absolute truth, THEN the statement that "there
is an can be no absolute truth" cannot be absolutely true. THEREFORE it
must be false.

I wonder, would anyone else like to comment on (pro or con) the post-modern
assertion of absolute truth (that absolute truth cannot and does not exist)?

John O'Brien
Indiana University