Calib 3.0.3 available on net from listserv@tamvm1

Hugh Jarvis (C129QP43@UBVM.BITNET)
Wed, 18 May 1994 20:18:30 EDT

I have placed a self-extracting archive copy of CALIB version 3.0.3 in
the ARCH-L filelist. This is a binary file and is only accessible to
VM (IBM or AMDAHL mainframe) users. If you are using another operating
system (such as UNIX or VAX VMS), listserv will send you the file as
mail and will hopelessly corrupt it in the process. I can also make
a uuencoded version of the file available if there is any interest. Let
me know if you would are interested.

CALIB runs on IBM PC (MS/PC-DOS) computers. I do not know if there is a
Macintosh version. It calibrates radiocarbon age estimates to calendar
dates. Included in the archive are detailed instructions.

For VM users, send the message GET CALIB303 EXE

to LISTSERV@TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU <==(Please do not send the message to ARCH-L

Listserv will send you a mail message and then will send the file to your
reader. The command: rdrl {Enter} puts you in the reader where you can
retrieve the file. Once you have done this you will have to download the
file to your PC via kermit or ftp.

When the file is on your PC type: calib303 and the file will extract the
various modules used to install the program. The archive and the extracted
files will take up about 600k so expand the file on your hard disk on on
a high density diskette. There is a setup program that installs calib
on your hard disk.

Let me know if this works or doesn't work. I would like for ARCH-L to start
offering freeware/shareware programs for archaeologists, but only if there is
some demand for them.

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