Re: Social Evolution - Reply to Rindos

Tue, 17 May 1994 09:49:08 CDT

I thought I could just quietly monitor the debate about social evolution
between Reed, Foss, and Rindos, but apparently not. Yesterday Read asked
Rindos to define an evolutionary process. It seems to me that David defined
"natural selection" as a evolutionary process. I thought that there were
four basic evolutionary processes: natural selection, genetic drift,
mutation, and gene flow. Three normally reduce variability, only mutation
increases variability ("normally" - I know about balanced polymorphism).

It seems to me that Rindos definition is too specific for evolutionarr
processes generally. By his definition, domestication of a plant or animal
is not evolution since it is directed (whether consciously or not). If
only natural selection produces evolutionary change, what do we call the
change produced by genetic drift?