Individual behavior

Mon, 16 May 1994 09:34:15 -0600

d grossman writes: individual behavior is the problem of psychology and

Supposedly, but they make such sweeping universal statements based on those
individual behaviors. Freud was known for it.

One such study that was documented in the documentary on the Brain was a study
of babies tied to a switch that changed channels on a video. Then the switch
was disconnected and the babies' reaction to their inability to change the
channel by pulling the switch was recorded. As the psychologist noted,
the boy babies "perservered" (in other words, they kept pulling harder and
harder on the string, trying to make the switch work), but the girl babies
"collapsed" (after a few tries, and the switch still did not work, they cried).
The words in quotes are the psychologists exact words. Does this bother anyone
besides me? Some years ago a woman checked into a hospital to find out why
she could not get pregnant. Blood tests discovered that she was genetically he.
Have there been any studies relating this phenomena to personality?

Lee Bradley