genes and memes

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Subject: Re: Social Evolution *is* Linear
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The fact that simple cultures are effected by technological ones does
not deny evolution. Evolution is the process by where pressures
(external and internal) effect change over time. When the
industrialization of england made it easier for the black moths to
survive than the white ones, that was evolution- there was a change in
teh environment, and it caused a change in teh survivailty of certain
forms. When the big bad industrialists come to the pacific ideal
island that is a change in environment that neccessitates a different
measuring of survivability. Evolution does not mean objective
improvemnet and modification, it means variable survivability due to
As to what becomes "genes" as we take the evolutionary metaphor and
apply it to society- memes- thoughts and ideas- check out evolutionary
theorist dawkins on that in the selfish gene

Boom shiva
mahalinga nataraj
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