Anthro-l Digest Now OK

Fri, 13 May 1994 20:00:55 EDT

As the message says, the anthro-l digest function is now running as
normal, i.e. one digest per day. It is now safe to reset to it.
(And for those of you who will surely want to know what a digest is...
see the attached repost.)

Notice: A Digest Version of Anthro-l is Available!

My list manager tells me that there is another option available to us at
Anthro-l. It is "digestification", and basically allows those who so
choose to receive their mail from Anthro-l in chunks every so often,
rather than as a constant stream of items. You can activate it by
sending SET ANTHRO-L DIGests to LISTSERV@UBVM. I must decide, for those
who are interested, how frequently to send out these digests, which are
done automatically by the listserver. It can be daily, weekly, or
even monthly, and I can also set the hour/day/date... So, if you are
interested in getting the digest, then send the command, and if you have
strong opinions, please let me hear them. For now, I will go with the
defaults which are daily digests.

The digest will arrive as one big file (hence another reason to keep
a limit on unecessary postings....) in what is called RFC1153 format.
This means you will receive a table of contents followed by each
article separated by a row of minus signs.

To deactivate this option later, send a new message to LISTSERV@UBVM
with the following as the only text: SET ANTHRO-L MAIL. That will
return you to regular postings.

There follows an example of an actual digested posting. I include
the table of contents plus the beginnings of the first two articles.

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1. help
3. Anthroplogists
4. <No subject given>
5. What anthropologists do
7. The Boas and Ruth and Its Implications
8. references (2)
9. Lighten up!
10. Digestion II: the Sequel (latest on digest version of Anthro-l)
11. An educational anthro issue
12. anthropologists writing fiction


*Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1993 00:50:13 -0600
*From: "Christopher R. Moewes" <moewes@MHD1.MOORHEAD.MSUS.EDU>
*Subject: help

Hi, while browsing through the list of lists, I noticed a list deali ng
with anthropology, I thought to myself "Chris, you are taking a class in
anthropology, maybe this could be helpful" so here goes.
(rest deleted)


*Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1993 14:59:11 -0230


Anthropology News Network
ANN Proposal


It has been noted that the mass media are a socializing device
through which various participants - political actors, economists, military
leaders and religious figures - present for public consumption models OF
the world as well as models FOR the world. These models are re-presented by
journalists - usually generalists who claim objectivity by virtue of not
injecting their own ideas , but who `see' the world through their cultural
biases and often share the same cultural orientation and biases of those on
whom they report. Journalists then present and re-present these ideas and
opinions of others as `objective' news.
(rest deleted)

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