Re: A perspective on kinship from DARWIN-L

Thomas J. Nevins (tjn5e@UVA.PCMAIL.VIRGINIA.EDU)
Mon, 9 May 1994 15:01:59 EDT

The comments that Gessler forwarded from Princehouse's post on Darwin-L sound
surprisingly like something from the critique Bourdieu levels at
structuralists in both the Outline of a Theory.. and the Logic of Practice.
They come from different directions but end up in a similiar place, at least
superficially. An example of convergent evolution, perhaps??

I suppose that Gessler is suggesting that kinship systems "emerge" from what
Princehouse calls (if I remember correctly) "enterprising strategies". This
is just a guess on my part, but if this is true it sounds like Gessler is
trying to make an end-run around the quote from Rowells (in Princehouse's
post) to the effect that kinship systems, as things in themselves, exist only
in the eye of the beholder. I'm making alot of a little bit of quotation,
but its an interesting thread that being developed by Gessler and I just
wanted to put my two cents in (and we all know how much two cents buys these

Tom Nevins