Re: Database on Non-timber, natural resources of PNG

Kevin Vang (kvang@LAUREL.OCS.MQ.EDU.AU)
Mon, 9 May 1994 14:27:52 +1000

Dear anthros

I am making a database on all nontimber, natural resources used by village
communities in PNG which could be of modern use in producing incomes in
these villages.

I am particularly looking for plant and animal products which have
traditional medicinal value, and which may have modern health value.

If people know of similar databases in South America and Africa, I would
be interested in comparing formats and information.

Also examples of where small communities have sustainable utilised
wildlife resources in trade would also be helpful (ie Birdwing Butterflies).

Are there any anthro experts in this area whom I should contact?


Dr. Kevin Vang: School of Earth Sciences or the School of History, Philosophy
and Politics, The Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW 2019, AUSTRALIA

Director, Environment and Development Group International, 64/302 Burns Bay Rd
Lane Cove, NSW 2066 AUSTRALIA Email <>