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Sorry about that, using a different keyboard and hit the send command instead
of paste. Here is VA Ten's list of publications.

List of V.A.Ten's published articles & thesises of main
reports on the scholar conference
1. The Nature of Nationalism in Newly Liberated Countries in
Works of Soviet Scholars.//The Economics, Politics & Ideology in
Asian & African Countries. Moscow, Nauka, 1978, pp.280-292.

2. Interpriting the Notion of "Nationalism" under the Conditions
of the Developing Countries.//Asia & Africa Today. Moscow, 1979,
No 4, pp.26-29.

3. The Periodization of American Bourgeois Historiography of
Afro-Asian Nationalism.//The peoples of Asia & Africa. Moscow,
1979, No 2, pp.188-193.

4. The Bourgeois Nationalism of Oppressed Nations in
V.I.Lenine's Description.//The Urgent Problems of Ideology &
Culture in the Oriental Countries. Moscow, Nauka, 1982, pp.3-11.

5. On Some Problems of American Historiography of Nationalism in
the Liberated Coutries. A literary Survey of 1960-1970.
//Criticism of Modern Bourgeois Historiography of World History.
Karaganda, Karaganda University Press, 1984, pp.48-61.

6. On the Influence of the Socialist Ideas to the Ideology of
Nationalism in African & Asian Countries: a Survey of American
Studies in 1960-early 1980. //The Fourth All-Union Conference of
African Studies: the thesises of papers & reports. Moscow,
Nauka, 1984, pp.173-176.

7. The American Bourgeois Historiography on the Impact of the
Nationalism to the Development of the Liberated Countries in
Asia & Africa. //The Urgent Historiographical Problems of the
National-Liberation Movement's Ideology. The thesises of papers
at the All-Union Conference of Oriental Studies. Moscow, Nauka,
1985, pp.130-132.

8. On the Some Pecularities of the Adaptation of the Idea of
Nationalism in the Colonial Orient. //The Inter-Action &
InterImpact of the Cultures & Civilizations in the Orient. The
Third All-Union Conference of Oriental Studies. The thesises of
the papers & reports. Vol.2. Moscow, Nauka, 1988, pp.172-174.

9. The Nationalism & Ethnicity in the Appraisal of American
Political Scientists. //The New Thinking & Africa. The 5-th
All-Union Conference of the African Studies. The thesises of
papers & reports. Moscow, Nauka, 1989pp.74-76.

10. The Ethnolinguistic Situation in Kostanai Region & the
Language Problems of Local Koreans. //Korean Linguistic & Korean
Language Education in the USSR. Seoul, the Korean Society of
Bilingualism, 1991, pp.394-406.

11. On the Deportation of the Koreans to the North Kazakhstan.
//News of Korean Studies in Kazakhstan & Central Asia. The
Department of Korean Studies of the Center of Oriental Studies,
Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences. Almaty, 1993, No.2, pp.9-20.

12. The Socio-Economic Development of the Korean Collective
Farms (Kolkhozes) "Samir" & "5-th December" in the 1938-40.
//News of Korean Studies in Kazakhstan & Central Asia. Almaty,
No.3, pp.26-31.

13. The Early 20's Liberation Movement of the Koreans in
Primorye (Russian Maritime Territory) as Related by Kim Synbin &
Nam Manchun. //News of Korean Studies in Kazakhstan & Central
Asia. Almaty, 1993, No.3, pp.18-26.

14. The Ethnolinguistic Situation in the Kustanai Region in
1992. //News of Korean Studies in Kazakhstan & Central Asia.
Almaty, 1993, No.2, pp.20-21.

15. On the Group Photograph of Hon Bondo, Marshal S.M.Budyenniy
& Korean Red Partisans. //News of Korean Studies in Kazakhstan &
Central Asia. Almaty, 1993, No.2, pp.57-59.

16. The Culture of Ethnic Intercourse: an Personality's Aspect.
//The Man's Metamorphoses in the Aura of Culture. Almaty, Gylim,
1993, pp.76-96.

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