Re: African female genital infibulation

Thu, 5 May 1994 18:03:00 PDT

Jessica writes:

" yes it [female circumsion] is largely a phenomenon of the Islamic world,
esp. "traditional" socieites in Islamic Africa, ..."

There is a confounding here of association with causation. Michael
Moffatt provided data that shows the countries in Africa where female
circumsion occurs are not all (though many are) Islamic countries; but even
if there is some association the implied causation is not valid as female
circumsion does not originate with the Islamic world and predates Islam.

D. Read

but it is also practiced in South Asia,
Southeast Asia to a smaller extent, there are many surgeons in London, UK,
who advertize this service, and the practice of infibulation is told to be
pretty popular right here. It is not a practice of the time and space
distant Other- it is here and now.

Note: does anyone remember when hysterectomies, clitoridectomies and our
other versions of infibulation were practiced in Europe and the U.S. for
control of wives and girls stricken by hysteria or just plain old