"..disrespect for arbitrary convention..."

Tue, 3 May 1994 22:25:02 -0600

I can sympathize with the decision to break with convention and subvert (even
in a small way) power structures by ignoring them. However, my way of
confronting the fact that people of power often choose to ignore what I have to
say, is to ignore what they have to say. This kind of subversion helps me
decolonize my own mind - which, in my mind, is more important to my thinking
(the redundancy is intentional)
than projecting an anonymous or decolonized, ungendered and essentially false
image of myself for public display.

I applaud Seeker1's ability to do as he pleases despite the image that his
actions frequently project, and I am also in favor of his highly contextualized
use of language (I would never claim to be that consistent!)

Out of respect for the new arbitrary conventions being established in place of
the arbitrary conventions already in place, I have altered my signature file.
This is, in part, out of some vague feeling of solidarity with both sides of
the anonymity issue currently circulating here on ANTHRO-L (although I will
admit that I see the pro-anonymity side of this to be problematic - by the way
Steve, there's no need to defend yourself on this - I don't consider you to be
on either side necessarily).

anybody who is interested should probably set up screen capture, because you
won't see this again.


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Department of Anthropology
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