Re: Anonymity and the board

Tue, 3 May 1994 16:58:58 EDT

A small public apology, and then a continuation (I hope) of the discussion.

On Mon, 2 May 1994 12:46:00 PDT Read, Dwight ANTHRO said:
>Bauser writes:
>"I've deleted most of Dwight's comments about using the known skill of a
>known poster to evaluate their expertise. "
>Someone else made that comment, not me.
My apologies. I was "distracted" by the moral relativism thread and my
brain does stupid things like this when I try to think about two things
at once. I had a roommate who always warned me that humans don't mulitask

That should have been "Rich [Wilk]'s comments"

>" Does anybody here
>admit to hesitating (or even refusing on principle) to respond to Steve
>Mizrach because he had a ... handle?"
>Yes. I found it offensive for someone on Anthro-L to use a handle without
>providing her/his name as well. I occasionally reply to Mizrach, never to
>the handle he uses, and would not reply if I did not know his name.

Thank you for the candid answer. So far you're the only one who's answered
my question, although it has been pointed out to me that we all let the
handle "Lt. Commander Data" go without comment back in December. Does anybody
even remember him?

Also, as I recall it, Seeker1's first post to Anthro-L _did_ include his real
name, but it wasn't mentioned again until he was taken to task for the handle.
Did you miss his first post, or was the token introduction not enough for you?

(Gosh, I get to ask such rude questions this week. My mother would be aghast.)

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