WEDA Directory - Info & Request for More Entries!

Tue, 3 May 1994 13:05:55 EDT

Those of you who have been subscribed to anthro-l for some time will
recall the email directory of anthropologists which I sent out monthly
to the list. I am no longer sending out the entire directory, as it
is getting much too large. It makes more sense to store it here at
the University at Buffalo where people can access it at will. The
directory will be updated regularly (monthly), and, if you so desire,
you can ask the listserver to send you an updated version EVERY time
it is updated. You can also access it very easily through gopher, as
well as through ftp protocols.

The WEDA is an international directory of anthropologists, institutions
engaged in anthropological work, and those in other related fields. It
is intended to be a reference tool, aiding in communication between the
scattered members of our discipline. It is not to be used for commerce,
or bulk mailings - there are lists better designed to handle these uses.

Please contact me if you are not listed, are listed incorrectly, or
know someone who should be listed. Feel free to circulate this listing
as widely as you desire. It is free.

FORMAT: You will note that each institution or independant individiual
has an entry separated by blank lines, and ordered alphabetically. Each
entry may have snail mail information, possibly an administrative or
other contact person listed. And each individual is welcome to list
personal information such as a title, position, or their research area.

AIA (Archaeological Institute of America List)
Center for the Study of Architecture, Box 60, Bryn Mawr, PA, USA, 19010
Ph: 215-526-7925 Fax: 215-526-7926
EITELJORG, Nick (Owner)

AKIN, David
8483 Crane Rd, Milan, MI, USA, 48160
Ph: 313-434-2826

ALASKA, Fairbanks, University of Alaska at
Anthropology Dept, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA 99775
Ph: 907-474-7288
LEWIS, Michael A. or ftmal@alaska.bitnet
Human response to climate change

It is now possible to get a copy of the full directory or to search
the directory remotely. Searches can retrieve information on any
one individual, or on the institutional entry containing that person's
information. See below for information.

WEDA is stored on the Wings gopher at the University at Buffalo. If
you have a gopher server, you can access WEDA by typing the command:

The directory is stored in the anthropology directory, which you can
find by following this path:
/Academic and Departmental Informatiion
/Academic Departments
/Anthropology Department

The UB Wings gopher supports several options. You can choose to look at
the whole email directory, you can use the search facility to look up an
individual or institution by name (or any other character string), or you
can have a copy of the whole file sent to you.

Alternately, you can work through the listserver at UB. The listserver
similarly supports several options, including retrieval or searching.
To command the listserver, send one of the following commands in the
text of your message (not the subject line) to: or listserv@ubvm.bitnet

To get a current copy of WEDA, send the following command:
get weda directry anthro-l

To search for a particular name, send this command:
(this function is not yet available)

To retrieve the whole entry for an institution where an individual
resides, send the command:
(this function is not yet available)

Finally, if you would like to get a fresh copy of the directory
EVERY TIME IT IS UPDATED, send the command:
afd add weda directry anthro-l (note the spelling is directry)

If you want to be added to the directory, if you have corrections, or
new information to add about others, please contact me at this address: or antowner@ubvm.bitnet

Hugh Jarvis

_________________ANTHRO-L LISTOWNER_________________