Re: "Waiting for Harry"

K. Zielinski (claklz@TEC.NH.US)
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 13:31:01 -0500

the videoproject.
URL them at:
You can e-mail Steve Ladd directly with your request at:
If he doesn't have it, no doubt he knows where to find it. :)

If you have difficulties you can URL to who can help
you gain the information and permissions to transfer your film to video I
There address is:

Krista Zielinski

On Wed, 27 Mar 1996, Pamela M. Mayne Correia wrote:

> Hello. I have a request to the list, but could you reply to me personally,
> so as not to clutter the list.
> I am in search of a film entitled. "Waiting for Harry" produced by the
> Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, Director ...Kim McKenzie 1978.
> We currently have the 16mm version and are in search of a VHS copy. Barring
> that, we would like to contact someone to receive copyright permission to
> transfer this the VHS. If anyone has this information or could suggest
> someone to call...please reply to me. Thank you in advance.
> Pamela M. Mayne Correia Ph: (403) 492-0189
> Pam.Mayne@Ualberta.CA Fax: (403)492-5273
> Osteology Technologist
> Department of Anthropology
> University of Alberta
> Edmonton, Alberta
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