Re: Responses to job loss

Holly Swyers (nesn-info@CCE.ORG)
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 19:29:22 GMT

I just wanted to offer a couple of questions and observations to your inquiry.

Is the response to job loss different in different generations as well as in
different cultures (can different generations be considered different
The expectation (in my experience) of the people about my age (25) is that we
will hold several jobs over the course of several years, and that we need to
get as many skills as we can from each job that we hold in order to stay
marketable for the day when we need to find a new job. This is a general
feeling that I get from the people I know socially, so it is not informed by
a direct anthropological inquiry. However, it makes me wonder if people's
reaction to job loss varies according to their expectation of job retention.
I would not say that people my age expect to lose their jobs, but I would say
that very few people my age go into a job expecting to be there for 40-50

Just thought I'd throw that into the pot...