Suicide in East Asia

Frank Tedesco (tedesco@NEXTEL.NET)
Thu, 21 Mar 1996 01:02:09 +0900

Dear listmembers:

I received this urgent request for information about suicide among Koreans.
Does anyone know of any "suicide tradition" in Korea? Any memorable
events in history or literature which can be referred to?

Does anyone have the specific reference or copy of Williams and Kendall's
article, "Women and Suicide in Colonial Korea?" More recent work available?

And by the way, Korea Journal of Unesco is looking for unpublished
articles regarding
death, dying or mortuary practices in Korea with reference to China and Japan.
Do any of you have a manuscript available for consideration?

Frank Tedesco

>COMMENTS: A request for information:
>I am a hospice chaplain in Illinois. Another of our chaplains is working
>with a family where the patient is American and his wife is Korean. The
>nurses have picked up some conversation about a Korean tradition that the
>wife is to take her own life when the husband dies. I cannot find anything
>to substantiate this and all of my information is second-hand. Do you have
>any information which could help. The team is watching her for possibility
>of suicide or any other signs of self-destruction. I would appreciate a
>private response asap. Thank you.