Re: concerning"programs"

Kathy Heldenbrand (heldenbk@GROVE.UFL.EDU)
Thu, 14 Mar 1996 16:29:47 -0500

At 4:09 PM 3/14/96, Gerry Waite wrote:
>snip< I see
>more and more 16-17 year olds there because their reality says the
>fastest biggest gun wins (and is the good guy too) and they really
>believe this stuff wonder where they got it?<snip>

Gerry Waite,
Your observation regarding the "good guy" is right on the mark. I found
similar impressions during a study I conducted of pre-schoolers and
Saturday Morning cartoons. The results were that nearly 20% of the
children identified the character that perpetrated the most overt violent
acts as the 'good guy'. Similarly, a content analysis of the same cartoons
revealed that more than 50% of the violent acts performed in each of the
cartoons were done by characters portrayed as the good guys. Does Might
make Right?

Kathy Heldenbrand
University of Florida