Rita S. Kipp (kipp@KENYON.EDU)
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 19:17:14 EST

This message announces a course of study which offers undergraduates an
unprecendented opportunity to learn directly about the cultures of Latin
America and the conduct of social science field research. The Kenyon-Honduras
Program, directed by Patricia Urban and Edward Schortman of the
Anthropology/Sociology Department at Kenyon College, has provided a unique
learning environment for 46 students from Kenyon and other institutions since
1988. Seminar classes dealing with issues relevant to Central American
cultures, history, prehistory, and politics provide a basis for independent
student research all while living in a small Honduran community where program
members are the only resident foreigners. This integrated learning experience
encourages direct engagement with another way of life. The Kenyon-Honduras
classroom has permeable boundaries. Ideas discussed in class are applied and
evaluated in everyday interactions with local peoples and through student
investigations. Classes, readings, research, and local contacts are integrated
in such a way as to transform knowledge into lived experience.

The Kenyon-Honduras program will next be offered during the Fall, 1996 semester
(late August-early December). Classes and research projects in FALL, 1996
concentrate on current political, cultural, and social issues and their roots
in the colonial experience. A two-week intensive language program conducted in
the colonial capital of Guatemala, Antigua, is included in the FALL, 1996
semester. Work in Fall, 1996 DOES NOT stress archaeological topics; these
issues remain central to the spring semesters. Fall, 1996 was introduced to
enlarge the scope of the Kenyon-Honduras offerings, giving students an
opportunity to more fully investigate topics in cultural anthropology,
sociology, economics, political science, and Hispanic language and literature.

science research, Latin America past and present, and other cultures should be
interested in the Kenyon-Honduras program. This program will not be offered
again until SPRING, 2000 and that semester will focus on archaeology.

If you would like further information and an application e-mail your request
(and include your mailing address) to: duchesne@kenyon.edu. Or, FAX
(614-427-5815) your request to Sharon Duchesne, Dept. of Anthropology/Sociology
Kenyon College, Gambier, OH 43022 and our department secretary will be happy to
mail you a program packet. The Fall, 1996 application DEADLINE is fast
approaching--March 15th.


Patricia Urban Edward Schortman
Director Co-Director

P.S. Please post this notice, circulate, or electronically forward this
e-mail message to interested students. Thank you.