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Daniel A. Foss (U17043@UICVM.BITNET)
Sun, 10 Mar 1996 18:22:44 CST

Dear Vance Geiger (and who-or-whatsoever cliques, coteries, cabals, conspira-
cies et ilk are *in with you* on this):

I believe I said the same thing yesterday, only far better. Those with eyes
to see characters in the green blur which, today, thanks to a wonderful product
called Visine, I'm able to do, readily inferred, if they could stand it, the
certain fact that any ethnic-looking, ie, poor, Irish Papist street-brawling
thug (as Buchanan remains, affluence be damned, he loves it) would have got
beat senseless (if sense there remained) by Trueborn Native Savage armenians
[Note: see below for usage "amenians" explained below.] as a violent minion of
a takeover of the Protestant Republic by the Pope and his hierarchical robots.

In the all too immortal words associated with Frank Sinatra, "I did it my
way." You said much the same in Plain English, obviating the necessity for the
one or two people in the viewing audience who *can* be Reached to Think About
It; so they will absorb nothing. This is a law of e-mail nature.

As this was told as a joke but was historically true, I cited a source at
the end.

There are two definitions of "Paranoid," necessarily confused. The first
defines a Paranoid as a psychotic victim of Paranoid Disorder, marked by the
"pervasive and persistent" presence of Paranoid Delusions, where a "delusion"
is "a belief with is demonstrably false" or "a belief which is self-evidently
untrue." It is hardly necessary to explain to trained, professional social
scientists why or wherein the foregoing definitions of "delusions" are defi-
cient. The difference between a Paranoid delusion any the other types is that
the patient in the former case is Paranoid, is all.

The second definition is trickier and ickier. Paranoid thinking is assessed
in socially-conventionalized terms. There are Standards. The National Paranoid
Bureau of Standards knows to the last neuron what these are, but needless to
say, you cannot be let in on it. By this criteria, anyhow, the Paranoid, there
are Ten Early Warning Signs of the Paranoid, which you needn't tell us about,
is detected by reason of standing out from the background Paranoia accepted by
the Normals in the local culture as Normal. Dr P, an eminent psychiatrist,
for example, continually complained of the "blighting of my career" by the
CIA and FBI. Obvious Paranoia, right? Dead wrong. Dr P sued under the Fleadom
of Information Act, and received, postage due, 11,000 pages of Documents which
Proved Beyond The Shadow of a Doubt that everything he said, and much worse,
was True. Yet it's also True that Dr P *was* Paranoid, as he had classical
Paranoid fears which only a Walking Stereotype Paranoid would ever fear, least
of all in public. He had even, get this, taken the precaution of joining the
Communist Party, USA, at a party, "because everyone else there did it."

For this reason, we note, it's idle to speak of "instigating paranoia."
Either it's already present, as cultural background noise during "periods of
social quiescence" [D.A.Foss & R.W.Larkin, Beyond Revolution, 1986]; Else,
during the normally-briefer "social-movement periods" [op.cit.], whereof this
is one, howbeit the movement is of the Right, not the Left (a fact rendering
intellectuals helpless as babies at this time since the well-behaved ones are
always of the Left by tradition). At such times, ideation normally called
Paranoid hypertrophies and proliferates by leaps, bounds, and viral-type
reproduction. Hitherto-crackpot theories of Elites, Ruling Classes, Them,
The Man Downtown, Mister Charlie, White Power Structure in a Can just Shout
It Out, Hegemonic [Leggo] Blocs, (Jewish) Media Conspiracies (everything
causing your pre-emption by sex-and-violence shows, no coverage, bad coverage,
coverage of unserious candidates, poor soundbite choices, much worse (see
Chomsky, Media Conspiracy), the Canonist Plot, the Multicultural Anticiviliza-
tionist Plot, the Cemetery Plot [dead white males], and the plot to Undermine
something which doesn't exist, the Family (as whatever has a deviance rate in
excess of 50% is not a "social" or "cultural pattern," aint there. The only
Real Thing is Jose, who's Juan Valdez' brother, I asked El Exigente, no, I did
*not* buy cocaine, he is not in the coffee business, I thought you knew that.

Just as there are organisms about who do "sound Paranoid" to the accultura-
ted ear (everyone's out to get them, they're persecuted, discriminated
against), yet some of them, at least, actually are, the same Thingie emerges,
writ larger, in social-movement periods. On a routine basis Important People
do not conspire; they hold meetings. This is routine Normal social behaviour,
and it is against my principles to accuse Normals of Normal behaviour, as this
is what they do. In social-movement periods, the aforementioned meetings take
on the look of conspiracies against the People and their Interests to those
Normals who weren't in attendance; and once again, it's against my principles
to blame Normals for doing whatever is the Normal thing.

Cliques, cabals, King Caucus, Rings, the fundamentalist-religious-inspired
antinomies of The Slave Power vs The Money Power circa 1857-60, the populists'
perennial Wall St vs Main St, all these are In The Nature of Things. With the
passage of time, I shall make this clear to you, not now. For I've smoked the
pipe of peace, swearing the oath, I shall write no more 300+ line posts

One finale Thingie-let. As indicated yesterday, Paranoid hysteria when part
of a social movement, be it reactionary or liberatory, has no need of palpable
plotters or their surrogates to do its hysterics. It's for this reason I men-
tioned the Conspiracy of the Illuminati (1797-98) in pursuit of which, the said
Illuminati were bruited about to have been infesting the Western Reserve in
furtherance of the French Revolutionaries who were In With the Pope (of
course) President John Adams sent federal troops, catching none, of course.
This was in the context of a counterrevolutionary-xenophobic etc etc social
movement, a precursor red-scare before there were reds.
I also mentioned the Anti-Masonic Movement of 1823-4, also real, and at
its height elected seven representatives to Congress on the Anti-Masonic Party
ticket. The Anti-Masonic Movement was an anti-elitist agrarian protest cenered
in Vermont, an ideal place to set the nation ablaze with a single spark, I'm
kidding of course.

It's on account of these movements, and many others, that Richard Hofstadter
wrote The Paranoid Style in American Politics, which confuses the "background
noise" with the Serious Menace in the "foreground." To do a definitive job on
that, one should be dead, for that's the time for The Last Analysis. As it is
written, "In the last analysis, we are all dead," J.M. Keynes, was it.

I do earnestly hope that this made very little sense to you, as what I have
set out to do, in these, the Last Days, is to "seek out and destroy spurious
sense wherever found." People prefer speaking in discourses; discourses have
as defining characteristics their making sense to everyone communicating in
them; and at this time in history, more sense that is made is spurious than
ever before. Prove that's wrong, go ahead, smarty.

In the present political discourse, the spuriousness of the sense made is
such that, should I, or you, or the rest of these...Throes should attempt to
make sense within said discourse, it'd be absorbed forthwith tout entiere into
the spuriousness of the discourse as a whole. Think ye on that and turn green.

Daniel A. Foss
<act decently communicate indecently>

[Note: armenian is substuted for American to evoke Savage Tribal Warfare
between Caucasian Native Tribes, the Armenians, who've been seeking admission
for centuries to the Indo-European Family of Fine Languages (without success
on racist grounds) and the Azeris. There are no such people as Azerbaijanis.
What there actually are are Azeri Turks. Possible reason for this is, Azerbai-
jan sits on a lake of oil. So when we read, AZERBAIJANIS KILL ARMENIANS, this
looks a helluvalot better than TURKS KILL ARMENIANS. In the present war, which
began in 1988, the Armenians have whaled the tar out of the Azeris, so I still
feel sympathy for the underdog somehow. The main Thingie here however is,
though everybody's Caucasian, nobody's white, and certainly nobody at all's
Modernized or Westernized. None of you would let any of them into your living
room. You'd rightly fear they'd kill you. That's why I say of the USA, "That's me!"]