Re: Titles and names

Elaine Hills (ehills@SOLEIL.ACOMP.USF.EDU)
Mon, 4 Mar 1996 16:53:49 -0500

Ruby and All,

I don't know that the American culture as a whole (if that is what you were
referring to) respects any particular qualities or type of people.
America is such a melting pot that it is impossible to narrow things down
like that. If we want to take a look at different ideologies and what
those ideologies respect, that is a whole different ballpark.

I agree that older women aren't particularly respected in U.S. culture,
but couldn't you say that for older men here as well?


On Sun, 3 Mar 1996, Ruby Rohrlich wrote:

> Elaine: If you're going to wait until you're 50 to receive respect, you
> may be disappointed then, too. Older women are not particularly
> respected in U.S. culture. Let's make a list of qualities and types of
> people the culture respects. Ruby Rohrlich