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To all who may be interested (not for women only):

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From: PolWoman@aol.com
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 1995 17:36:41 -0500
Subject: Women's Leadership Network

Please Post Widely
March 16, 1995
Women's Leadership Network in formation -- HELP NEEDED!
Background: After Newt Gingrich and the "Radical Republican Right" gained
control of Congress last November, a group of politically active women began
meeting in New York City to discuss the need to use "Third Wave" technology
to fight back.

After a few meetings, it was agreed that we needed to use the Internet to:
1. educate women about the dreadful agenda of the Republican Right, and
2. mobilize women to oppose that agenda and defeat the Republican Right in
the 1996 elections.

To accomplish these goals, we agreed to start an organization called the
"Women's Leadership Network."

The Women's Leadership Network has two immediate projects:
1. the creation of a Web page dedicated to the issues before Congress and the
nation from a women's point of view, and
2. the publication of a Daily Hotline to women activists who can receive
e-mail over the Internet.

We are currently assembling the information we will need for these projects

If you are:
1. a politically-aware woman (or sympathetic man),
2. appalled at the agenda of the far-right Republicans who control Congress,
3. terrified at the thought of these same Republicans gaining control of the
White House, all of the federal agencies, and the Supreme Court, and
4. willing to do something to fight back

Send us an e-mail with the message "Interested." Tell us something about
yourself, including your name, the issues you care about, and any issue or
political groups you're active in. If you track any particular issues in the
newspapers and on-line and are willing to help us educate women on those
issues by posting relevant (and concise!) information, please tell us that,

We are tentatively planning to go public on April 11 with a press conference
in New York City. If you send us an e-mail, we'll put you on our distribution
list and send you a membership form. If you return that form to us before
April 8, we will list you as a "Charter Member" in our press materials.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Deborah Sale, Vice Chair, NYS Council on the Humanities (Chair)
Polly Rothstein, President, Westchester (NY) Coalition for Legal Abortion
(Vice Chair)
Antonia Stolper, Co-Publisher, Political Woman Daily Hotline (President)
Bob Fertik, Co-Publisher, Political Woman Daily Hotline (Treasurer)
Christina Mason (Secretary)
Founding members: Lori Antonacci, Gene Boyer (National Women's Conference
Center), Gale Brewer (National Women's Political Caucus), Debra Cooper,
Barbara Hohlt, Carolyn Kamlet, Shelley Mayer, Jane Moore, Frances Fox Piven (C
ampaign for Media Fairness on Welfare), Elisa Riordan (CWA District 1),
Bobbie Sackman, Elsie Shapiro, Dion Thompson (Students Organizing Students)

p.s. If you participate in any discussion groups, or have any friends on the
net, please pass this message along. All comments and suggestions welcome!

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