deer in bar = bull in china shop

Marsha Quinlan (C633902@MIZZOU1.MISSOURI.EDU)
Thu, 16 Mar 1995 12:40:59 CST

Fellow anthro-Lers:

It seems to me that some of these recent threads being discussed at
R.J.'s wake are converging here.

1st there was the analogy of anthro-l as a sort of bar (with Hugh as the

Then, Lynn Nordquist brought up the lack of physical cues possible
over e-mail that are inherent in normal face to face conversations -
the wink, chuckle, eye roll, shoulder shrug, back turn, etc.

>From this I infer that perhaps anthro-l is much like an anthro
bar because this lack of face-to-face interaction leads to
similar types of misunderstandings and relaxed inhibitions as
do the affects of drunkeness. Some of us more than others (no
particular person) tend to make off-the-cuff statements not
realizing that our drinking buddies/list colleagues don't really
understand what we're really getting at (because of list lag time,
differing backgrounds, and most importantly lack of physical cues).
Perhaps in the future, when these lists are totally interactive (with
images other than print), there will be fewer flame wars (bar brawls).

Now, recently we have this incident with T.R.'s buck analogy to which,
from my drunken perspective, H.W. made a witty (but benign) point, to
which some have reacted sharply. To quote L.H., "oh deer!"

My impression is that, with the exception of the dearly (deerly)
departed (R.J.), few of us come to the Anthro-L lookin'fer a fight.
May we bear in mind our communication disadvantages, and take our
colleagues posts (like tequila), with a large dose o'salt.