lists in feminist anthro (correction)

Candice Bradley (Candice.Bradley@LAWRENCE.EDU)
Thu, 16 Mar 1995 10:15:06 -0600

Sorry, I made an error in the information I gave about one of the feminist
lists. It's not "Feminisa," but "Femisa."

here is the address to subscribe:

I heard about this list on the world-system list. Both these groups (w-s and
femisa) originate from international studies sociologists. My perception is
that femisa would appeal absolutely to feminist anthropologists. Right now
there is a discussion on femisa with a male journalist who exposed a female spy
and basically put her in danger, but was caught in a strange set of ethical
dilemmas. Some people are questionning why he posted his ethical dilemma to
that list. Have fun.
Appleton, WI