no mas & carved bone

John Staeck (staeckjp@MARTIN.LUTHER.EDU)
Wed, 15 Mar 1995 08:22:13 -0600

So, how 'bout 'dem Mets? Is there anyone out there with a new thread, one
that might fill bandwidth with nifty anthropological banter on something
other than this NOW DEAD, GONE AND BURIED *controversy*?

Here at Luther we have just begun analysis of a modified phalange (seemingly
deer, but I haven't really double-checked species yet) that a property owner
recovered in the area of Decorah, Iowa. The bone has a series of tiny
characters carved into one surface, each character being about 6-10 mm in
size. The characters seem to correspond to Iowa-Chiwere mythological
figures, especially the "sacred animal chiefs" or "water spirits", including
one figure that seems to be such a creature in its spirit form (complete
with stripes on back and belly). Has anyone recovered parallel or similar
materials? I am familiar with the Gottschall paintings recorded by Salzer
(f/Beloit C.) but these do not have the sacred animal chief/water spirit
panels. Likewise I'm familiar with Radin's and Lurie's work, but these are
so extensive that I may have missed or interpreted differently some bits of
information. Tips and suggestions are very welcome.
Thanks in advance - john

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