Re: Johnson's Removal from Anthro-l

Danny Yee (danny@STAFF.CS.SU.OZ.AU)
Wed, 15 Mar 1995 13:27:28 +1000

Adrian Tanner writes:
> I was disgusted to read all this talk about 'Hugh can kick off
> anyone he likes any time', an argument so bereft of principle that it has
> to rely on nothing more than the assertion of raw power. Thank you, Hugh,
> for not stooping to that level of justification.

I presume this is directed at me, since no one else has really argued
anything like that. Please understand that I wasn't arguing that
Hugh *should* kick people off on whim, just that he *can*, and that
there is no practical way of removing that power from him. So even
if my suggestion for a voting procedure were accepted, it would and
could happen only with Hugh's consent.

Also note that while some people did call specifically for Robert
Johnson's eviction, I didn't -- I was defending Hugh's right to
evict people under some circumstances quite generally, and it wasn't
until after I saw Hugh's post explaining his reasons in full that I
made up my mind on the specific case. (I did argue against Robert
Johnson's *ideas*, but that's a different matter altogether.)

Danny Yee.