Re: Censorship and Mailing Lists

Tibor Benke (benke@SFU.CA)
Tue, 14 Mar 1995 10:14:27 -0800

Dear Fellow ANTHRO-L Readers,

I think Danny Yee's suggestion sounds like a good idea:

>I do feel that some kind of formal framework should exist for removing
>people from the list, however, if only so poor Hugh doesn't have
>to take the responsibility on himself. How about a straightforward
>vote on the matter? Following a petition signed by 10 (?) members
>requesting that a person Y be evicted, a formal vote be carried out
>(not on the list -- a separate address could easily be set up for votes
>to be submitted to, and we could probably get one of the volunteers who
>run the USENET newsgroup votes to provide an impartial counter), and if
>some criterion is met (at least 10% of the list membership votes and
>a 2/3 majority of votes are for eviction?) then the eviction happens.
>A list of votes could be posted to the list to make sure everything
>was above-board.
>Of course Hugh would have to retain the right to summarily block
>people who put him at legal risk by defaming others, or who were
>making the list unworkable by dumping 100 pieces of advertising a

Tibor Benke