Call fo Articles

Mon, 13 Mar 1995 21:39:38 -0600

Call for Articles

Rio Bravo Journal

The goal of the Rio Bravo Journal is to publish scholarly articles on the
borderlands between the United States and Mexico. This goal includes the
promotion of the development of a better international understanding, to help
in the design and implementation of further research and new discoveries
concerning the relations between the United States and Mexico, to serve as a
model for such investigations along the Rio Grande and to shed light on
borderlands studies in general. We publish articles which emphasize the United
States - Mexico border and prefer articles that appeal to readers in more than
one discipline.

Author's Guidelines:

-The journal is refereed.
-Articles are published in Spanish or English.
-The title of each article and the name of the author must appear on a
separate page accompanying the manuscript. On this page include a 25 to 35
word abstract of the contents of the article. This summary should be in the
opposite language of the article.
-Articles, reference, bibliographies, and notes should conform to MLA
style. Manuscripts will be edited accordingly.
-Authors should include an additional copy of the manuscript on a 3 1/2
inch computer diskette labeled with the author name and the word processing
program which should be compatible with DOS or Windows operating systems
(WordPerfect or Microsoft Word preferred).
-Authors are responsible for providing any tables, drawings, or
illustrations (black and white only).
-All manuscripts should be double-spaced, including references and
-Preferred length is between 15-30 pages.
-Submit two copies of the manuscript. Please, no simultaneous
submissions. Each submission will be reviewed by an internal referee and an
external referee from a corresponding discipline.

Submit manuscripts to:

Editor, Rio Bravo
Center for International Studies
The University of Texas-Pan American
1201 West University Drive
Edinburg, TX 78539-2999
(210) 381-3572