Re: RJ

Douglass Drozdow-St.Christian (stchri@MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA)
Mon, 13 Mar 1995 07:39:57 +0001

I want to thank Jack Ray for pointing out the obvious. This list is not
an open space, like speakers corner in Hyde Park, but the electronic
equivalent of a salon... in this case, Hugh's salon... and the fact Hugh
has opted to exercise his gatekeeping authority, an authority we grant
him by being on HIS list, and taking advantage of HIS labour and time in
maintaining this space, is no more censorship than my telling a student
who want's to discuss bob sledding in Jamaica that my class on health
care in the pacific is not the proper space....

Mr Johsnon is not being denied communication rights [god, if one more
person trots out the american constiution as if it somehow ruled the
entire planet, i just might scream]...he can email the entire world to
his hearts content...what he is being denied is access to Hugh's salon,
which in the end is no different thant anyone on this list choosing who
may or may not come into their living room....

if mr.johnson were spewing the same sort of messianic drivel against the
zapatistas or whoever it is he is championing, i have no doubt the chorus
of 'silence the fool' would be considerably larger...

but in the end, Hugh maintains this list as a forum for the discussion of
anthropology, broadly and effectively open ended as that can be, and not
as a forum for puerile ranting, insults, and threats....if y'all wanna
talk to rj, get him to invite you into HIS living room....he has soiled
the carpet in Hugh's too many bloody times....


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