Re: More bandwidth on the Controversy

Michelle B. Golden (mgolden@EMORY.EDU)
Sun, 12 Mar 1995 17:13:59 -0500


I'm still amazed at the amazingly vitrolic response Robert Johnson's
posts have produced. I must admit I'm mystified by exactly what people
are getting so upset about.

His posts clearly reflect a politically engaged viewpoint. Okay. So many
people on the list (those who've posted, at least) don't agree with his
politics or his style. Fine. But, really, the response seemed to me to be
a over-reaction (to say the least), and I can't figure it out.

I personally appreciate Robert Johnson's posts. I especially appreciate
his willingness to explicitly state what he believes. I understand that
there are people on this list who don't agree with him. I realize that
there are people on this list who disapprove of his tone. But even given
that, I'm still amazed at the response to him. What the *(&*(& is going on?

Is this a virtual "stage play" about politics and anthropology? Is
everyone in on it except me? (Welcome to the Twilight Zone).

And now we're engaging in a debate about censorship.

I think I need to get more sleep, because this whole thing seems surreal.

In confusion,

Michelle Golden (