Re: Robert Johnson

Todd N Nims (nimstod@MAIL.AUBURN.EDU)
Sun, 12 Mar 1995 12:43:21 -0600

I too would like to voice my opinion in regards to the removal of
Johnson. To do so would be censorship and discrimination. Just because
we dont agree with someone, annoying as they may be, gives us no
right to deny equal access. Unless he has done something that has
violated a guideline or rule of this list I see no reason that he should
be dropped.

Todd N. Nims
Auburn University, AL

On Sun, 12 Mar 1995, Douglas B Hanson wrote:

> I am opposed to the removal of Johnson from the list. This harkens back to
> the Gil Hardwick era a couple of years ago when Hugh had to have him
> removed. At the time I encouraged his removal from the list, but in
> retrospect it was the wrong thing to do. I've personally disagreed with
> just about everything Johnson has posted -at least those posts I read.
> After I read a few however, I realized that I would read no more and have
> since deleted every message posted by him along with the replies.
> I suggest that instead of removing him from the list, everyone make more
> liberal use of their delete keys. And those of you who do reply, I for one
> would appreciate it if you reply to him personally rather than to the list.
> -- Doug Hanson