request for information on aging

Paritta C. Koanantakool (paritta@IPIED.TU.AC.TH)
Sun, 12 Mar 1995 13:47:22 +0700

Dear everyone

I need some basic information on anthropology of aging and the elderly to
start a discussion group based in Bangkok. Here are some of the
questions that we are interested in.

1. Is aging viewed as a "social problem" cross-culturally? If not what
are the conditions that make it a problem is some societies.

2. What is the process of aging? Is it marked by some rituals or
cultural critiria?

3. What are the roles that elderly people play in different cultures?
Would it be the case that in small-scale societies, or non-industrial
societies, elderly people are treated with respect than in modern societies.

4. Any example of how cross-cultural knowledge might be relevant in
policy making concerning the elderly.

5. In western societies is aging something that people are worried
about? Is long life considered a blessing?

Any suggestions about books, articles that are relevant would be much
appreciated. To begin with I am looking for something basic that gives
an overview of how anthropologists view this issue, plus good
ethnographies. I would also welcome any ideas that you may like to share
with us.

Thank you in advance.

Paritta C. Koanantakool
Dept of Anthropology
Thammasat University