Re: Kinship chart software

Brian E. Schwimmer (schwimm@CC.UMANITOBA.CA)
Wed, 8 Mar 1995 14:20:50 -0600

I am in the process of putting some kinship diagrams of the kind you
discuss geared towards introductory teaching on a WWW site


I've just put up one of five or six units as yet, but should have done a
lot more by the end of the month. I am also intending to redraw the
images (which I am diappointed with) with Coreldraw, which should give
much sharper focus. Items to be covered will be unilineal descent,
kinterms, marriage systems, including different cross-coussin
arrangements, and residence rules and domestic cycles.

Basically there is no special software needed to produce them, just a
good draw/paint program with a library facility that allows you to bring
up the stored images you have composed, (circles and triangles).
All paint programs will have a simple fill tool that will allow you to
color code your figures as you wish. (I would think that SnapGraphics works
more or less like this)

For more sophisticated genological modeling you might try the anthropology
site and the University of California at Irvine.

On Wed, 8 Mar 1995, Phil Young wrote:

> My thanks to Barbara Ware for the information on ROOTS IV and to Mike Salovesh
> for info on ABC SnapGraphics. I intend to look at both programs.
> Dwight Read, I hope that these are two of the programs that you will review.
> As to what I would like a kinship program to do for me, my needs are relatively
> simple. I am interested in being able to construct kinship diagrams (not
> genealogies of actual people, although that would be useful for purposes of
> organizing field data) that will illustrate the normal array of things that are
> talked about in courses on kinship and social organization. In other words,
> such basics as sibling links, parent-child links, "cousin" marriage of various
> kinds, polygyny, polyandry, multiple linkages with breaks in the lines where
> they must cross. It would be nice to have a program that provides circles and
> triangles with different fill options so that such things as lineage membership
> could be easily illustrated. I hope this gives you a good idea of what I see
> as my needs.
> Mike, can I do all this stuff with ABC SnapGraphics?
> Phil Young

Brian Schwimmer
Department of Anthropology
University of Manitoba